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Tampa Bay AAZK‎Animal-Themed Trivia

We will be hosting a animal-themed trivia fundraiser at C. 1949!!! Everyone, whether a zookeeper or not, is sure to have an amazing time. And no, you don't need to know the scientific names of all the members of the Perissodactyla Order, but it might help. ;-) Just be sure not to monkey around, and listen closely, because there may be some pop culture centered animal questions as well.

Proceeds from the night's event will benefit Cikananga Conservation & Breeding Centre - a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and its habitat in Indonesia.

They work with a multitude of mammal species including otters, Javan leopards, pangolins, and Javan warty pigs, as well as numerous critically endangered bird species like the black-winged starling, short-tailed green magpie, the Sumatran laughing thrush and other Asian songbirds.

The Centre was targeted recently by thieves who stole several palm cockatoos and attempted the next few evenings to steal birds of paradise from the breeding centre, using acid to melt locks. Proceeds from this event will go to helping them update their security systems including a new perimeter fence and CCTV systems.

Cash or credit will be accepted. Teams are limited to 5 people. $5 per person, or $20 per team.

Earlier Event: April 4
Sour Thursdays!